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3 METAFiit™

Calorie Restriction Mimetic

  • Supports Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Already in the Normal Range*
  • Promotes Liver Functions*
  • Anti-Aging ingredient Fiit-ns®︎ awarded International Life Sciences Best Natural Wellness Product 2017
  • Contains XanActive Java Turmeric
  • Contains Glycostat® a special patented ingredient.  US Patent No. 10,006,079.

Dietary Supplement
120 Vegetarian Capsules

MetaFiit™ contains ingredients that are human tested and associated with longevity. Glycostat® is a clinically tested, patent pending proprietary extract of wild bitter melon shown to be superior in published research. Bitter melon traditionally is used to support liver, cardiovascular and metabolic functions.* Kingsun Rock Lotus™ Extract is patented in 3 countries and clinically tested in the areas of blood sugar and liver support. Both herbs mimic changes in cellular energy metabolism typical of caloric restriction.* The proprietary extract SesaPlex® provides sesamin and sesamolin, lignans from sesame seeds that have been shown to conserve the body’s supply of gamma-tocopherol and gamma-tocotrienols as well as to activate fatty acid-oxidizing enzymes for improved fat metabolism.* Fiit-NS® in clinical trials improved metabolic fitness and weight control.* TherX™ is a proprietary extract of an herb recommended for longevity in the famous ancient Dun Huang Manuscripts.*

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