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Better Energy Through Better Rest

  • Encourages Calmness and Emotional Balance*
  • Supports Relaxation and Reduced Stress*
  • Promotes Sleep Quality*
  • Contains XanActive Java Turmeric

Dietary Supplement
60 Capsules

Relaxation and restful sleep are essential for good health and a feeling of well-being. Research shows that stress affects brain functions, compromises immune responses and increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol. SaffronR&R™ promotes relaxation, tranquility and sound sleep with traditional and clinically tested herbs.* At least eleven clinical studies have evaluated saffron for its impact on aspects of emotional balance and anxiety.* Clinical trials similarly support the traditional uses of lemon balm for cognitive health and sleep quality.* Both lemon balm and “blue dogbane” (Apocynum venetum L.) are known for benefits versus stress and excessive cortisol such that sleep can be deeper and more restful.* Southern ginseng and magnesium in the formula provide additional support.


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